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A hamster is a rodent belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae. There are 5 types of hamsters, mainly the Syrian, Winter white dwarf, Russian campbell dwarf, Chinese hamsters and Roborovski hamsters.
仓鼠是属于子族Cricetinae的啮齿目动物。 主要叙利亚,冬天白矮星、俄国坎伯矮、中国仓鼠和Roborovski仓鼠的5个类型


(Mesocricetus auratus)
They are the best known species in the pet industry. Syrians are also known as Golden Hamsters. Syrians are known as fancy hamsters of all the hamster species since they come in many colour varieties and also coat varieties... some can have long fur and some short fur, which we normally call Long Hairs and Short Hairs... also there is a fur type known as Rex.

The most important rule about Syrians is that they are SOLITARY... never house 2 together. If breeding, there is a way where you must put the female into the male's cage only when the female is on heat. It is very risky and dangerous to house 2 syrians together at any time since they are very well known to fight till death. So if you treasure the life of your hamster, never put 2 syrians together.

Syrians are large and comfortable to hold. They do make suitable pets for children but under adult supervision.

叙利亚(Mesocricetus auratus)
他们在宠物产业是最有名的种类。 叙利亚亦称金黄仓鼠。 叙利亚是作为所有仓鼠种类最花梢的仓鼠,因为他们是拥有许多颜色品种… 一些可能有长的毛皮和一些短的毛皮,我们通常称长的毛和短毛… 也有以Rex著名得类型。

最重要的规则是他们是独居的… 不要一起安置2只在一起。 如果要繁殖是有方式,必须在女的在发春期时把男的放进他的笼子。 因为他们很好打架直到死亡,一起安置2只在任何时候是非常危险。 如果你珍惜你的仓鼠生命,不要放2只在一起。

叙利亚是大只和拿起来比较舒适。 在成人监督下他们是最适合小孩的宠物。

Campbell's Hamster (Phodopus campbelli)
Campbells are probably the most popular of all dwarf hamsters since they come in many colour varieties that makes them attractive. The look similar to Winter White hamsters but they are actually different subspecies. So never mixbreed them.

Campbells are dwarfs... well, small hamsters. Please do not be fooled by petshops telling you mini hamsters and giving you a weird price. Anyway, they come in different colour and patterns but to breed, one must understand that hamsters that have any white spots or markings must never be bred together coz it can produce eyeless or teethless hamsters that die later... so if you were to breed, please read up.

These dwarfs may not be suitable for young children due to some dwarfs are bitey... and because of their small size, it would be harder for children to handle. Campbells are not aggressive biters, it is just that sometimes they will bite when you make them angry or startle them from their sleep.

俄国坎伯仓鼠(Phodopus campbelli)
俄国坎伯大概是所有矮小的仓鼠里最有吸引力,因为他们有许多颜色品种。 看起来与冬天白色仓鼠相似,但他们实际上是不同品种。 那么不可以混在一起繁殖。

俄国坎伯是矮小仓鼠。 不要被骗说是微型仓鼠和给你一个古怪的价格的宠物店唬弄。 无论如何,他们有不同的颜色和样式,但对繁殖问题,你必须了解所有白色斑点或标号的仓鼠不可以一起繁殖,因为可能产生一些无眼或无牙齿的仓鼠然后死掉。



Winter White Hamster (Phodopus sungorus)
WW are hamsters that can change their coat colour when we minimise their daylight. Their coats will change from their normal colours to a white coat but with their dorsal stripe and side arches visible. WW come in 3 colours, which are Agouti, Sapphire and Pearl. The Pearl do not change their coat colour at all, they remain in their white coat colour for life.

WW are different from Campbells, their eyes are bigger, fur is thicker, body is more bullet shape and their ears are less conspicious. It is easy to see the difference if a Campbell and WW were side by side.

WWs are nicer to handle for they have better temperments than Campbells. WW rarely change into their winter coats in captivity, so do not force your hamster to starve and stay in a cold room... this depends on the hamster whether it wants to change or not.

winter white仓鼠(Phodopus sungorus)
他们是一种当我们缩短他的昼光[白天]就会换毛发的颜色的仓鼠。他们的毛发会从现有的颜色换成白色哦,与他们的背部条纹和旁边曲拱可明显看得见。他们有3种颜色,Agouti, Sapphire 和Pearl。可是Pearl完全不会换颜色,他们永远保持着白色的外表。


他们比俄国坎伯仓鼠比较好相处因为他们的脾气比较好,在被囚禁的情形会导致他们很少改变毛发的颜色。如此不要强迫你的仓鼠挨饿和留在一间冷室… 这就要依靠仓鼠想不想要改变颜色哦。
在这里要注意的是pudding不是纯的winter white哦,而且不可以把pudding和纯winter配种,会破坏纯的血统。

Roborovski Hamster
(Phodopus roborovskii)
Robos are the smallest species of hamster. Adult Robos are only 2 inches in lenght. Unlike the other dwarfs, Robos do not have a dorsal stripe and they have slightly longer legs. Easy to identify from the size and also its sandy colour and white belly.

Yes, the smallest and also the fastest, this species is very well known for being very fast and active. So they are not very handle friendly since they are likely to jump or run off your palm. Many are really attracted by the facial markings, they appear to have "eyebrows".

Robos enjoy sand baths and a wheel. Due to their small size, one would need to purchase a glass/plastic tank to house them or purchase cages with small bars like the Habitrail Mini...

Roborovski仓鼠(Phodopus roborovskii)
Robo是所有仓鼠种类里最小型的。成年的长度只有2寸哦。和其他小型仓鼠不同的是他们没有背部条纹,并且他们有轻微长的腿。 容易从大小,它的含沙颜色和白色肚子辨认。


Robo很喜欢浴沙和轮子哦。因为他们很小,所以我们需要买玻璃/塑料的鱼缸或者笼子-habitrail mini来装他们^^.

Chinese Hamster (Cricetulus griseus)
The Chinese hamster is known for their mousy looks. Yes, they were discovered in China long ago. Many people would say Chinese hamsters are hard to breed in captivity and are difficult to raise. Fighting problems occur so it is best to house them seperately. The Chinese hamster is also referred to as a "mouse-like" hamster because of its short nose, thin body, stocky legs and longer tail.

They do make great pets if they are bred by a proper breeder and have been handled often when young.

中国仓鼠(Cricetulus griseus)



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- Most hamsters do very well alone. Roborovski hamsters can be kept in small groups and best if single sexed but Syrians, Campbells, Winter Whites and Chinese hamsters are best kept on their own. They are always happier that way.
-多数仓鼠喜欢单独一个。 Roborovski仓鼠最好保留着一小组,最好是单一性别,但叙利亚、Campbells、冬天白色和中国仓鼠最好让他们独居。 他们总是比较喜欢那样。

- Never breed hamsters if you do not have the space. Hamsters can reproduce every 20 days or so.
-如果你没有空间, 不要养殖仓鼠。 仓鼠能每20天或如此再生产。

- Hamster fights are never fun to watch.

- Always remember to have food and water available. Never give too much fresh foods.

-总记住食物和水不可以空着。 不要给许多新鲜食品[蔬菜]。

- The bigger the cage or tank, the more comfortable for the hamster.

- Syrians need wheels that are about 8 inches in diameter.

- NEVER keep different species in 1 cage or tank together... BIG big trouble there, may have some injuries, deaths... and possibility of mixbreeding Campbells with WW... bad idea.
-不要养不同品种在1个笼子或鱼缸… 大大得麻烦,也许有些会受伤,死亡… 并且可能把ww和campbell错误配种。

- Hamsters do not have human emotion, they do not feel Love or have emotional feelings like humans. So there really is no reason to breed them unless you have a purpose as a true hamster breeder.
-仓鼠没有人的情感,他们不感觉爱也没有像人的情感。 因此,除非你有一个目的要成为一位真实的仓鼠交配动物者,除了这个并没有真正地原因要繁殖他们。

- Hamsters can get sick easily if given too much fresh foods like fruits and vegetables.

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A Basic Guide

* Hamsters are very active creatures so they do need their excercise. Naturally energetic, hamster love to run so it is best to provide a good solid wheel for them. Makre sure it is a solid wheel and not those mesh wheels since those gaps can cause injuries. Syrians should have 8 inch diameter wheels while dwarfs can have smaller ones.
* 仓鼠是很活跃的生物所以他们需要运动。自然充满活力,他们喜欢蹦跑所以比较适合提供一个耐用的轮子给他们。却定它是一个固体的轮子而不是那些拥有网状织物轮子因为能够导致仓鼠受伤。叙利亚应该有 8 寸的轮子而小型的能够有更小的。
* Hamsters are nocturnal, meaning they are mostly active at night. During the day, they would need some peace and quiet to sleep so it is highly recommended to place the cage or tank away from direct sunlight and provide them with a hide such as a clay flower pot or aroma burner or any solid looking hamster houses available at petshops.
*仓鼠是夜的,意味着他们在晚上是最活跃。 在日间,他们将需要和平和沉寂得睡觉,因此高度推荐笼子或鱼缸安置在阳光无法直接照到的地方和提供他们如黏土花盆或芳香燃烧器或在宠物店可以找到的耐用的仓鼠房子。

* Hamsters need a layer of quality bedding in their tanks. You can always get the wood shaving variety but you would need to change the bedding often. Recommended brands would be Chipsi Classic, Chipsi Super, Delikate and Kaytee. Avoid using other brands for pine and cedar wood can cause breathing problems later in life due to the phenol oils produced by the wood. One can also use corncob bedding, wood pellets like Woody Pet or Careline wood cat litter or recycled paper bedding/litter like CareFresh or Breeder's Select/Celect.
*在他们的鱼缸需要一层高质量的垫。 你能得到不同品牌的木屑,但你需要经常更换他。 被推荐的品牌是Chipsi Classic、Chipsi Super, Delikate和Kaytee。 避免使用其他品牌的松木和杉木屑,由于木头生产的酚油会让鼠鼠在生活中可能引起呼吸的问题。 你也可以使用 玉米的穗轴当垫,也可以用木丸子如Woody Pet或者Careline wood,猫垫/在生纸做的垫如CareFresh // Breeder Celect.

这里最推荐的鼠垫是Breeder Celect这个牌子,记得哦,是猫垫来的。

* Hamsters love to nibble on hay and also build nest in their hide box for comfort. So providing a bit of hay is good. Any hay is suitable, as long it is fresh looking(greenish). Avoid stale hay(brownish).
*仓鼠爱啃干草并且造窝。 因此提供一点干草是好的。 所有干草是适合仓鼠,只要是新鲜就可以(绿色)。 避免陈旧的干草(褐色)

* Hamsters should have a good amount of food in their food bowls. You do not need to worry about hamsters not finishing their food for they will hoard away old food to eat later. Make sure fresh foods are cleaned out of the cage or tank after 24 hours.
*他们的食物碗应该有适量的食物。 不需要担心仓鼠没吃完他们的食物因为他们将囤积食物起来吃。 确定新鲜食品在24个小时以后清走。

- Good source of fiber would be broccoli, spinach, sawi(choy sum), kangkung and water cress. Do feed fresh foods in moderation since too much can cause wet tail sickness and indigestion. A small piece of vegie or fruit is enough for 1 day.
-纤维的好来源是硬花甘蓝、菠菜、菜心, 蕹菜和马蹄子。 因为吃太多可能导致湿尾症,憔悴和消化不良,新鲜食物应该适量喂仓鼠。 蔬菜或果子一个小片是足够1天。

- Sweet potato and normal potato can be given but only give cooked potatos.

- Sweet fruits and carrots can be given in small quantities every few days.

- Hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, cooked chicken and cooked fish can be fed.



* Have a good quality bottle for water at hand. Cheap bottles tend to leak.
*放一个质量好的水瓶。 便宜的瓶会漏水。

* Wash the hamster cage or tank once in a week. Just wash with some mild soapy water. Clean cages and tanks prevents the risk of getting infections.
*清洗仓鼠笼子或鱼缸一个星期一次。 清洗时用一些肥皂水。 干净的笼子和鱼缸可以防止得到传染病的风险。

* Hamsters do not need to bath with water and soap like humans. Hamsters can clean themselves very well and they enjoy having sand baths (Chincilla or hamster sandbath) more than getting wet. A wet hamster can fall sick easily.
*仓鼠不需要像人那样用水和肥皂冲凉。 仓鼠能清洗自己,并且他们比较喜欢沙子浴(Chincilla或仓鼠浴沙)好过弄湿。 一只湿仓鼠很容易生病

* Handle your hamster daily. Build a relationship with your hamster. You can hold them, talk to them and pat them. These little gestures will keep your hamster tame and friendly and of course, happy.
*每天和你的仓鼠相处。 与你的仓鼠建立关系。 你能拿着他们,和他们谈话和轻轻抚摸他们。 这些动作将使他们温驯,友好和愉快。

* Never wake up sleeping hamsters since they can startle easily and give a nasty bite to protect themselves. This is an instinct reaction so do not blame a hamster for being aggressive... they bite when there is a reason to bite.
*,因为他们可以容易震惊和给讨厌的叮咬保护自己,不要叫醒睡觉的仓鼠。 这是天性反应,因此不要责备仓鼠… 当有原因让他们咬,他们就咬。

* Always wash your hands after handling hamsters for they are still from the rodent family. Keep your self healthy for your hamster
*在处理仓鼠以后总洗你的手因为他们仍然是从啮齿目动物家庭。 保持自己的健康。

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Choose your cage wisely.

Syrians need to be living alone, and of course being the bigger version of hamsters, they need bigger cages or tanks.

Use 2ft plastic Guppy Aquarium tanks, normally sold at RM40 to RM50 at most petshops. If a cage, never use Habitrail Mini or small 30cm cages. Invest in something bigger or a double storey cage with solid levels, such as Critter Trail.

用2尺的塑料Guppy Aquarium鱼缸,在多数的宠物店的价钱通常是RM40-RM50。如果用笼子,千万不要用Habitrail Mini或者30cm小的笼子,投资在更大或者双层的稳固笼子,比如Critter trail.

Winter Whites and Russian Cambell Dwarf Hamsters are best housed alone or in sibling pairs. They actually do fight for territory, so always keep an eye on them. Small cages are way bad for them. A Habitrail Safari or Habitrail Playground is good for 1 hamster, if you want to keep 2, invest in 2 cages or get connections and other fun accessories by Habitrail. They have short lifespans, but are amazing pets so keep them happy. Always remember, the BIGGER, the BETTER!
-Winter White和Russian Campbell小型仓鼠最好可以独居或者和自己的兄弟一起。他们会为了地盘而打架,一定要时常观察他们的情形。太小的笼子对他们是不好的。Habitrail Safari /HabitrailPlayground适合一只仓鼠居住,如果你想要养2只,投资在2个笼子,买连接管道和Habitrail其他有趣的配件。他们拥有短的寿命,但是一定要让他们开心因为他们是很棒的宠物哦。要记住,越大越好。
Roborovskis and Chinese Dwarfs can be kept in Habitrail Minis because of their smaller bodies and slender built. 2 Robos fit well in a Habitrail Safari or Habitrail Mini. Do not use cheap local cages for them as they can get hurt and escape. Invest in a Plastic tank if you need to.
-Roborovskis and Chinese Dwarfs可以养在Habitrail Mini因为他们的体形比较小。Habitrail Safari / Habitrail Mini刚刚好可以装2只Robo,不要买本地便宜的笼子因为会弄伤和让他们逃跑。如果情况允许就买塑料鱼缸。

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Steps when your ham has just given birth.

1) Put them in a quiet place of the house.
2) Do not disturb them except for refilling food and water.
3) Do not change the bedding no matter how smelly it is for the next 21 to 24 days.
4) Remove the male. If not you'll have another batch of pink wriggly things in approximately 20 days.
5) Add protein rich supplements such as:-

-Fresh veggies -> Broccoli, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, watercress, choy sum etc. Make sure washed well. Avoid onions, garlic.

-Fresh fruits -> Apple, banana, papaya, honeydew, pear, mango etc. Do not give avocado and citrus fruits.

-Other protein rich stuff -> Wheatgerm, japanese soft tofu, hard boiled egg white, crickets, mealworms etc. Do not give milo or anything containing cocoa.

6) DO NOT TOUCH THE BABIES. If you really want to peek, wait for at least 3 - 4 days, then use the end of a pencil or brush, rub it in the bedding before gently prying a little to see the pinkies.

Reasons to why most or all the babies do not survive or disappear.

1) The mom feels that she does not have enough nutrition to suckle so many babies. She will cull the weakest one first.

2) The mom feels scared or threatened, so her instinct tells her to cull the babies so that she will have the nutrition and get away in order to be able to have another batch of babies in the near future instead of just leaving the babies to the predator/threat. In the wild, if she thinks that the predator is so darn near and gonna eat her any minute, she'll make a run for it. Leaving the babies without a choice.

But as pets, they don't have that option.

3) The baby is sick/injured and/or dying. She will instinctively kill it so that it hasn't a chance to pass whatever that made it sick if it's an infectious disease, and/or eat it to regain lost nutrition.

NOTE: If the baby dies, most ham mothers WILL eat their babies because if she just leaves it, the stench of rotting flesh will attract unwanted company.

4) She's not a good mom. Though most hams are good mothers, there are bound to be a few that will not suckle their babies and probably just step on them a lot. This will need extra attention to spot so that the unattended pups can be given to a foster mother.

Do not confuse this behaviour when seen in the first few hours after birth. It's normal, especially for first time moms, to ignore their pups for the first few hours. Just leave them be and they will usually know what to do.

A few clear rules

1) All pregnant females should be given their own cage each to nurse and have the pups grow. Do ensure there is enough room for them to exercise and run about.

2) DO NOT KEEP A PAIR TOGETHER FOR THE SAKE OF HAVING A PARTNER. A single sex pair is sufficient for that purpose.

3) Syrian hamster matings MUST be supervised. Syrians are SOLITARY, meaning they cannot live together.

4) Do not breed if possible. Breeding is not a FUN thing for them. It's a burden that will shorten their lifespan, nothing more.


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Bedding reviews

- Any beddings that contain raw percentage of phenols will not be reviewed here as I do not recommend them at all. If anyone's wondering, phenols are hydrocarbons that are released by softwoods such as pine and cedar that can promote liver, lung and intestinal problems when housed on. Pets such as hamsters, rats and gerbils can be severely affected by such hydrocarbons in a very short amount of time due to their high-metabolism and oxygen intake.

If you find it hard to imagine, then take disinfectant or lysol, drench a cloth with it, then sleep on it. This is exactly what's happening to your beloved pet. The germicidal properties from disinfectant is commercially extracted from pine and cedar sap. Imagine what it can do to their sensitive lungs and liver.

- Absorbency > To rate how good the absorption and odour control is.
- Cleanliness > To rate whether it's messy or neat.
- Dust content > To rate whether the dust content is high or low. A higher rating means lower dust content.
- Appearance > To rate whether it looks presentable, dull or just plain ugly.
- Advantages > Self explanatory.
- Disadvantages > Self explanatory.
- Status > Comments and recommendation.
10 = A must try
9 = Very good
8 = Quite good
7 = Good
6 = Okay
5 = Satisfactory
4 = Not so good
3 = Not good
2 = BAD
1 = Caution. Try at own risk.
0 = You have been warned


- Absorbency > 6
- Cleanliness > 5
- Dust content > 6
- Appearance > 7
- Advantages > Economical, does not contain phenols(safe), good for building nests.
- Disadvantages > A little dusty, absorbency is rather average and due to absence of phenols, inspection for any mites is advised before purchase.
- Status > Neutral

- Absorbency > 6
- Cleanliness > 6
- Dust content > 7
- Appearance > 6
- Advantages > Economical, contains minimal phenols due to being kiln-dried.
- Disadvantages > Should be changed regularly as it does not contain the phenols that help suppress the smell of defacation. Will release a rather pungent      odour if not changed regularly.
- Status > Neutral

- Absorbency > 4
- Cleanliness > 7
- Dust content > 9
- Appearance > 7
- Advantages > No phenols(safe).
- Disadvantages > Will turn moldy when exposed to humidity or when not changed regularly. Can attract mites. Can be very noisy when dug into due to it      hitting the tank walls.
- Status > Recommended for low-urine producing pets. eg. Gerbils.

Chloropyhll pine

- Absorbency > 7
- Cleanliness > 7
- Dust content > 7
- Appearance > 7 (I like the appearance)
- Advantages > Minimum phenols due to being kiln-dried. Absorbency slightly better than the regular Kaytee pine.
- Disadvantages >  Should be changed regularly as it does not contain the phenols that help suppress the smell of defacation. Will release a rather pungent        odour if not changed regularly.
- Status > Neutral

Breeder Celect & B2N (Back2Nature)

- Absorbency > 8
- Cleanliness > 9
- Dust content > 9
- Appearance > 5
- Advantages > Clean and neat. No phenols at all. Enviromentally friendly (Made from recycled newspaper) Good absorbency. Easy to clean.
- Disadvantages > More expensive. Dull appearance.
- Status > Recommended

Woody Pet wood pellets

- Absorbency > 10
- Cleanliness > 8
- Dust content > 8
- Appearance > 7
- Advantages > Very good absorption.
- Disadvantages > Rather heavy due to high compression. Quite hard, but can be seasoned by sprinkling water introducing pet. Strong woody smell.
- Status > Recommended for high ammonia producing pets. eg. Syrian hamsters, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, stinky male sugar gliders.

Sluis comfort bedding

- Absorbency > 5
- Cleanliness > 5
- Dust content > 1
- Appearance > 3
- Advantages > I don't see any.
- Disadvantages > Extremely dusty. I had trouble breathing when i used it.
- Status > Not recommended.


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The Ultimate Rule

Now, the ultimate first and foremost thing you should do is DO NOT TOUCH THE BABIES!

Why? Because the mother might eat them, that's why.

Now 'Why would the mother eat them?' you ask?

-When hamster babies are born, known as pups, they have no scent and the mother recognizes it as her own because of her instincts. If you touch it, they will smell like something else and she will not recognize it as her offspring, but rather as something that's not supposed to be there, or she will mistake it as another female's pup. Being defensive that it may harm her babies, she will attack it and eat it up, brains, limbs organs and all.

Cannibalism is not uncommon for hamsters as it is a form of protection. Though you may have obeyed the first rule, it doesn't mean all the pups will 100% survive.

If the environment is stressful(Lots of noise, in a busy area, too bright etc), the nutritional requirements are not enough, or even if the mom is just not a good mom, you may lose from one to all your pups.

The First Rule

Give her as much food as she wants and supplements.

Oh, does that mean give her what she likes? Can I give her only kuaci?

No. Kuaci aka sunflower seeds are not good if she takes a lot. It's empty fats and not enough for her to raise a healthy bunch of babies. Giving only kuaci is like you living on peanuts. BUT, this doesn't mean you should feed her kuaci at all. Give her small amounts as sunflower seeds have Vitamin E and carbs, but very fattening.

Then what can I feed her?

First off, are you feeding her a good basic diet? No delikate or Bengy please. They not balanced at all and they're cheap because they're very low in quality, meaning very low in nutrition.

Good basic brands are Harry Hamster and Prestige, Sluis is also quite alright. No idea where to get these? You can try Pet Safari or Pets family.

Supplements are fresh fruits, vegetables, hard boiled egg white, wheatgerm, organic grains such as amaranth, raw peanuts, buckwheat, flaxseeds etc. Mealworms and crickets are great as treats as well as protein.

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